Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Disney Class: Disney History Investigation

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A new feature on our blog starts this month. We will highlight web sites that share information related to Disney. Our purpose is to provide educators, ideas on research and project ideas for your classroom

We are inspired by the innovation, creativity, storytelling and magic of Walt Disney - the person and the company. We engage educators with the ideas from the life of Walt Disney and the Disney Company in ways that can be applied creatively in the classroom. Learn along with us as we share ways to bring magic into education!

This is a site that Ryan and I refer to every month. They reflect back to the early days of Disneyland and Walt Disney. Enjoy.



by Paul F. Anderson

DHI got about a jigga-billion hits when I put up the essay Walt And The Admiral Build A Mountain. Beyond the hits, I also received a large number of emails concerning the images and the Matterhorn. Not wanting to be profound and write a great deal for today's essay (that and I have numerous deadlines, Pinocchio yesterday was long, and photos are cooler than my words anyway), I offer the Disney History Institute Matterhorn Mania. A series of rare and never-before-seen images from the building of Walt's mountain. Walt gets credit for many things, and deservedly so, but I think without historical context (sadly lost in today's world) we forget how ground breaking, how creative, and how brilliant he was. With historical context (something I spend an entire lecture on in my first class of "Walt Disney and American Culture," because I feel it is essential to understanding Walt Disney and his creative legacy) we have an insight into Walt and this one idea for Disneyland. Walt's idea to build the Matterhorn was pure genius. Sadly, genius is such an oft bandied about term, that it loses its impact--but not if we put ourselves back into the 1950s.

7 Things You May Not Know About Walt Disney
By Elizabeth Nix

Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse in 1928, produced the world’s first animated feature film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” in 1937, opened Disneyland in 1955 and along the way became one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century. From the business setback that spurred him to develop his most famous cartoon character to the persistent myth surrounding his death, check out seven fascinating facts about this entertainment legend.


Disney History Institute YouTube Channel

Disney History Institutes goal is to preserve and celebrate the life and work of Walt Disney, and those that worked with him through out the years and beyond. Here you will find Disney History Institute's videos showing extended views and sneak peeks at what happened in Disney's past.

Travel back and listen to Walt Disney describe Main Street for Disneyland

· A Nostalgic Trip Down 1950s Main Street With Walt Disney      Time 3:50

Pieces Of Disney History You Can Own - BuzzFeed

YOU can purchase, “Your own little piece of the Walt Disney empire.”

Charlotte Clark Mickey doll

This is a rare relic from the 1930s — a Charlotte Clark Mickey doll. Clark was the  seamstress responsible for crafting the first line of Mickey dolls.

From Howie:  Brother can you please spare $3,999.00 WOW!

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