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Disney Ultimate Collector Trading Cards

My New Journey
When it comes to Disney souvenirs, I am always looking for the unique and unusual. Joan and I have collected many things over the years from our DVC vacations. We enjoy each of our “finds” and enjoy collecting.  Every once in a while we discover NEW opportunities for treasures in each park or resort.

I was heading over to the Magic Kingdom Park on the "Friendship Boat" from Disney’s Wilderness Lodge.  My phone dinged with a new post  on Facebook from a friend that said:

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"Dr. Howie-I was in line for the monorail at the Contemporary with a bag full of monorail memorabilia I just purchased at the Contemporary shops.  One of the monorails cast members walks up to me looking at my bag and jokingly says, “So, what’d you buy me?”.  I told him how I love monorails and collect the die-cast monorails.  He asked me if I collect the cards…. “Cards?” I said what cards? …. He said, “Wait here…” He came back with the ENTIRE SET of 12 monorail cards and handed them to me and said, “I only do this once a month to people who obviously love monorails, and you’re my once a month.”….. Magic!!! "

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I had no idea what the Facebook post was talking about.  Cards?  Transportation?  Since I was on the boat, I asked the cast member if he had any information about "Transportation cards".  He shared the details and encouraged me to start collecting the cards.  He then reached into his pocket and gave me card # 11 of the 26 cards.

Then I found this:
Amy said: ( from )
"Because we love all the modes of Disney transportation, we often talk to the drivers/captains if time allows. This is how we first became aware of the Transportation cards. During one of our chats with a friendly bus driver he handed us a collector card of a bus. When we asked what it was, he told us there were more to be collected, and all we had to do was ask the bus drivers and boat and monorail captains for them. We were instantly hooked on this new mission of collecting these free souvenirs that not everyone knew about."


If you have never heard of these cards, you can collect them at Walt Disney World as you travel on different types of transportation.  The Transportation Cards first appeared in 2006. 

There are three series of these cards. Each card is color coordinated, has a picture on the front of the specific transportation vessel, has a character icon, with numbers and contains some trivia on the back.


They are FREE, but very limited. To get a card just ask your driver, pilot or captain.  It is up to the transportation drivers/captains/pilots whether they carry them or not. To collect a whole set, you have to do a lot of asking. Each type of transportation only carries that kind of card; for example bus drivers only carry bus cards and boat captains only carry boat cards.

If they have any, they will be happy to share. Just ASK!

  On my last trip, I discovered that you can also ask for the cards from the Ticket and Transportation Center, transportation buildings, and the cast members who work at your resort’s transportation loading areas.

SERIES Details:  Series One (
Included eighteen cards, which were available from 2006 through 2010. The set consisted of 3 buses, 3 boats, and 12 monorail cards. Since you can no longer get the Series One cards, I decided to search on e-Bay. This is what turned up in the search.


Disney Transportation Cards Series Two  (2009)  

Consisted of 25 cards: 3 buses, 10 boats, and 12 monorails.  My research indicated that this is a very hard set to collect that include the original cards, which are now referred to as 1st edition.  In 2012, the " Grand Yacht One" card was re-released, with a notice that it is referred to as 2nd edition.
These cards are ONLY handed out by the cast members assigned to each of the transportation vehicles listed below.  Card  #25 was made, but pulled because of a typo and because the monorail was involved in an accident and removed from service.

Disney Transportation Cards Series Three   (2013)
This set contains 26 cards: 3 buses, 11 boats, and 12 monorails. Series Three is still being distributed by some drivers/captains/pilots, but are in limited supply.

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Disney Transportation Cards Series Four   (2015)
Series 4 is due in 2015,  but has not been received by the drivers/captains/pilots I have spoken with.  It appears to be one of the best-kept secrets of when they will be available.  

 Looks like a research trip to WDW is to solve this mystery.  Hmmm ..What was the phone number of my Disney travel agent?

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