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The Animals Took My Money : NOW and Then

Oh for the “Good Old Days”.    Remember the song and book “That was then…this is now?”

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is evolving into a vastly different theme park.  In order to accomplish the new expanding retail areas and the formulas that have worked so well for Disney parks in the past, shops that we have loved are evolving and going through a metamorphosis.

Discovery Island at the Disney’s Animal Kingdom, is the “HUB” to connect the themed areas of the AK Park together.  It is was home to four shops;

1.     Beastly Bazaar

2.     Creature Comforts

3.     Disney Outfitters

4.     Island Mercantile

Put on you time capsule vest and travel back to “That Was Then…This Is Now.”

Let's travel back to a themed shopping safari through Disney’s Animal Kingdom and explore a "Wild Animal Encounter" at the Discovery Island Shops.  No it's not an E-Ticked ride, but come along and enjoy an adventure in itself.

If you look closely in the merchandise stores you will discover wonderful characters, subtle themes, wood carvings, sculptures, photos and flying creatures.  There are six themes including: animals that work, animals that have spots, animals that have stripes, animals that fly, water animals or animal that travel in herds.

2012  Beastly Bazaar

Beastly Bazaar (Closed and now a "Meet and Greet"  indoor location.
Located on the northeast side of Discovery Island, just before you cross the bridge into Asia.

A new meet and greet location is expected to opened in June of 2013. The new meet and greet location is home to Mickey and Minnie. The new location will is called "Adventurers Outpost" and it replaces the former Beastly Bazaar shop.

 And while many changes have been made to the inside of the building, the exterior has been largely left untouched.

The theme was is "Water animals".  But not just fish, also included are amphibians and birds that make water their home or feeding ground.

Photo HERE:- Disney Beastly Bazaar water animals

For this reason, I have decided to share some photos of the Beastly Bazaar that I have taken over the past 2 years, so that, when you visit, you will be able to compare the look of the store with the appearance of the new meet-and-greet.

Remember these little details from the old Beastly Bazaar?  The theme here is water animals. 

But not just fish, also included are amphibians and birds that make water their home or feeding ground. 

 Creature Comforts
Taking the space of the former Creature Comforts gift shop, the space has been completely transformed into a Starbucks location, offering the full range of coffees, Starbucks pastries, and Disney specialty cupcakes.

Put on you time capsule vest and travel back 2013 to “That Was Then…This Is Now.”

“Creature Comforts is located on the northwest side of Discovery Island, before you cross the bridge into Africa.  The lamppost by the entrance carries out a theme of stripes and the outside of the building is highly decorated with unusual patterns.

Walk in the door and you will notice how the decor is bright and vivid...Do you have spots before your eyes?  Take a look at the overhead light fixture. Notice anything?

 Creature Comforts is themed around animals with spots and stripes, such as zebras and tigers, ladybugs and giraffes.  

As Disney fans, many of us purchase a few antenna toppers to place on our cars or trucks.  BUT Creature Comforts ups this to the next level.   The interior of Creature Comforts is equally as vivid as its neighbor shops…

The theme continues with pleasant vibrant colors and stylized animal designs. 

LOOK at the AMAZING merchandise toppers!

The decor is reminiscent of the animal floats in "Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade".

 It specializes in gifts for younger children, clothing, stuffed plush animals and toys, and other similar items.

Creature Comforts is the place to stop for toys, and if you have small children you may be looking here for a while.

Along with selling a range of plush animals  and other gifts, Creature Comforts is currently also serving as a MyMagic+ service center for assisting guests with FastPass+.

Plush baby animal characters are popular, as are rubber creepy crawlies. Creature Comforts is located next to the Baby Care Center and the First Aid station. If you're looking for either of these, you'll find them easier by searching for Creature Comforts, then looking down a corridor to the right of the front of the building.

NOTE: Creature Comforts, a themed store located inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, is scheduled to go down for an extensive refurbishment in January of 2015.

January 2016: Creature Comforts

 Starbucks location has opened at Disney's Animal Kingdom, which now gives the coffee company presence in all four Walt Disney World theme parks.
The Animal Kingdom store is on the west side of the park, bearing left as guests approach the iconic Tree of Life. The building formerly housed a store called Creature Comforts, although that name remains on the structure alongside a Starbucks sign.  The new store is just before the bridge that leads to the Africa section of the theme park.
TY to WDWFanzone for the permission to use photos below



3.     Disney Outfitters

4.     Island Mercantile

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